The collective

The collective

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About us:

The artist collective "CrossArts Cologne" is an artist network founded in Cologne, intending to provide artists with creative spaces to convey, learn, realize and present interdisciplinary arts and artworks.

By means of these interdisciplinary artworks our goal is to create and present art through creative events, learn about it through informal education and also share and communicate it via and with a social community. These four pillars serve as the working basis of our collective:

Through innovative education, we convey creative and practical knowledge about art Starting with theoretical knowledge and acquiring skills to create art , the creative area of web (content) development, throughout to performing art, e.g. public performances. Our lecturers, educators and social workers work closely together to convey the best aspects of arts education from all disciplines.
Together with our social community we work for a solidary society through our intercultural and interdisciplinary network. Sharing knowledge and skills as well as arranging contacts and providing required or useful resources are the foundation of working with our community. Our experts in linguistics and communication, journalists, editors and PR managers share their contacts or directly integrate them into the network to expand it.
For us, creative development includes the informative, digital and media arts, as well as crafted and technical arts. Thereby our ambition is the realization and interdisciplinary application of these artistic crafts. Our journalists, online editors and language experts use language as a tool. Through media, analogous or digital design our drawing artists or media designers can create art Even programmers and web developers find a practical application of their works within the collective.

Our artistic events - on stage as well as in the world wide web - offer spaces or platforms to present and share art and artworks. We are supported by our dancers, musicians and actors.

Our artists and members as well as our partners and participants have the opportunity to use these offers