Timur Bakim

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Timur Bakim

Timur Bakim is co-founder and partner of the civil-law partnership, working as online editor, PR manager, journalist, web developer and web producer. Within these fields he is responsible for public relations and online work across departments.

Prior to his studies as an online editor, he gained numerous, especially editorial experiences in television and radio. Growing up in an artistic and artisanal family, Timur has encountered art from childhood on and learned to play several musical instruments over the years, later also followed by vocals and band performances. Along with further activities in music schools and sports clubs, art always was present to him whether in form of music, sport or innovative education.

He used all these creative handcrafts to pursue his dream of freedom of development in professional and personal life. Driven by this desire and a growing community consisting of various people and contacts the the collective CrossArts eventually came to life.

"CrossArts connects so many things I appreciate and love. But it’s just the beginning of something much bigger."



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Timur Bakim
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