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The Audio-Active Workshop deals with the implementation of an audio play with a plot relying purely on the creativity of the young participants. The principle of participation is emphasized in this project. Almost the entire realization of the audio play is placed in the hands of the young adolescents under our guidance. This gives participants the opportunity to strengthen their self-confidence and their social skills.


In the Audio-Active workshop we design, produce and publish creative audio plays together with our young participants. The plot development of these radio plays thereby solely relies on the participants’ imaginativeness.

Via the „Offene Tür – OT Vita(“Open door – OT Vita”´) in Cologne children and young adolescents have often come to us with the wish to work in a recording studio without necessarily producing music; however, they initially did not come up with any other utilizations for the studio. The creation of an audio play offers the alternative.

The character’s voices in each audio play are only those of the participants. By using sound effects and theme music, which are also developed by the participants with our supervision, the audio play comes to life in one’s imagination. Since creativity forms the outcome of the play, we offer endless design possibilities.

No matter if it should be an action, horror or comedy radio play: Everything is possible! At the end of the project, the participants will receive the final result of the radio play.

The target group consists of male and female participants with 12 to 19 years. The Audio-Active workshop is directed by Derya Kaptan and Onur Simsek - supported by many other collective artists and members.

Release and Result:

At the end of the project, the participants will receive the result of the audio play, either on CD, USB device or can be retrieved here:

The audio play is a parody of the movie “war dogs (2016)”. The storyline closely resembles the one in the movie, but there are some differences. (A production of CrossArts and the OT Vita Cologne)
A Rap-Star found himself at the wrong place at the wrong time and became a murder witness. The killer noticed the eyewitness and the chase began. In this crime/mystery play it is revealed in the end who will find himself to be the prey in the end. (A production of CrossArts and the OT Vita Cologne)

Love and freedom are the main subject of this romance play. In this story, the concept of arranged marriage is confronted. A couple retaliates against being denied their decision and fight for love. The background music of the play was vocalized by the participants and produced by „CrossArts Cologne“. (A production of CrossArts and Rheinflanke)

In this comedy play situations are presented in two versions: from the viewpoints of Germans and of foreigners and how both deal with the situation. Prejudice and clichés are hereby presented by the participants. (A production of CrossArts and Rheinflanke)
Here it can be listened to, how the participants understand the term „fairness“. Upon the term „fairness „the subjects „poverty in Germany“ and „Treason and everyone gets what he deserves“ are approached. (A production of CrossArts and Rheinflanke)
Christmas was just ahead: In line with Christmas, the young adults and us produced a Christmas play. Two languages come together in this Christmas poem. (A production of CrossArts and the OT Vita Cologne)


The development of the audio plays was a novel and precious experience for the excited participants. Equally excited about the results were the cooperation partners.

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Onur Şimşek
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Derya Kaptan
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Sinan Bakim
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Timur Bakim

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Audio-Active Workshop
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Der Audio-Active Workshop befasst sich mit der Umsetzung eines Hörspiels, dessen Handlung auf dem Ideenreichtum der jugendlichen TeilnehmerInnen basiert.