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DACRO is an interdisciplinary dance project in which dance Dance meets Acrobatics. It is supposed to create interest and motivation of young girls in aerial fabric acrobatics, which has its origins in the circus culture. Aim and focus thereby is an interdisciplinary musically supported dance theatre that is being presented and performed on stage at creative events after weeks of practice.


Dance Meets Acrobatics (DACRO) was first realized in January 2017 to June 2017 as an interdisciplinary dance theatre with elements of aerial acrobatics and dance with a final performance in front of audience.

This took place on 1 July as part of the festival “Miteinander Füreinander” (For one another together) Cologne (Mülheim). The aim thereby was to create motivation and excitement for the art of aerial fabric acrobatics (which originates in the circus culture), but also to build courage to perform in front of an audience. Additionally, it should show interested people or audience the diversity and possibilities of interdisciplinary arts in sport.

The focus was on learning dance and acrobatic elements, as well as connecting the two different sports areas. For this reason, acting was integrated as theatrical connector between the two elements in the project. Another important aspect was the creative development of the stage program for the performance. Many different elements of sport, dance, acrobatics and circus culture were used.

The dance performance, as well as the rehearsals were designed and planned interdisciplinary by the artistic-educational team around Derya Kaptan (dance artist and choreographer) and Regina Klostermann (circus- and experience educator), together with the young talents. The acting classes were directed by actress Meltem Kaptan.


The first professional public presentation and performance took place on the 1st of July 2017 at the „Miteinander Füreinander“ (for one another together) festival in front of a 200 person audience.

Furthermore, a DACRO Facebook Fanpage was created for documentation purposes and future editions.


The high interest in the project and the high number of participants spoke for the success of the interdisciplinary artistic concept.

Artistic Team:

Artistic Coordination & Dance Coach:
Acrobatics Coach:
Acting Coach:
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Derya Kaptan
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Regina Klostermann
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Meltem Kaptan
Music Production:
Public Relations:
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Sinan Bakim
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Timur Bakim

Co-operation Partner and Sponsors:

Roots & Routes Cologne e. V.
MTV Köln e. V.

Miteinander Füreinander

DACRO - Dance Meets Acrobatics
The project DACRO – Dance meets Acrobatics unites dance and acrobatics as a holistic and interdisciplinary dance theatre concept.