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Sound of Culture is a performative music project in which adolescents are invited to participate in a music video production, both musically and in form of dance. The project mediates values for the multi-cultural exchange of art, through the creativity of the young generation. The aim thereby is to strengthen the personal development of the young adults - to endorse them musically and to convey hands-on soft skills. Initiator and creative team of the project is the artist collective CrossArts Cologne.


The project Sound of Culture as well as the artistic work that is produced, is entirely self-created. The music, videos and lyrics are based on the ideas of the participating children and young adults. They actively take part in the design process of the project and have the direct experience of how their creative ideas become songs, dances and music videos as a result.

The project took place in the as a part of the support program „Interkulturelle Impulse“ by the bureau of performance art North-Rhine-Westphalia ( Landesbüro Freie Darstellende Künste NRW ). It thereby stands for a multi-cultural exchange of art, through the creativity of the young generation. The participants attend to and thereby learn all the important steps of the process of music production and music video design. These steps range from the development of own instrumental tracks with studio software all the way to writing and practicing – especially German – lyrics for the musical pieces as well as the actual production including the handling of software and appliances in the studio. Once a song is produced as an initial step, the concept of the music video is developed.

With the support of the CrossArts artists, the participants develop their performance in the video and ideas for the visual realization, e.g. backgrounds for the bluescreen. Participants that would like to act as performers in the video can receive training in singing, dance and acting. At last the film shootings and scene editing takes place as the grand finale.

For the cultural exchange in the music video project and among the participants we are supported by Onur Simsek as “Intercultural Guide”. Invited to the project are girls and boys from the region, but also refugees that would like to learn and practice German language.

Performance and Release:

The final results of the project were presented at the public Christmas of the OT Vita SKM Cologne celebration – as the grand opening of the video – with all participants for friends and family. Also, there was a public appearance at “Get on Stage” LAG Tanz in Dortmund in January 2018.

This is followed by publication of the results on social media platforms.

Artistic Team:

Artistic Coordination:
Music Production:
Public Relations:
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Derya Kaptan
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Sinan Bakim
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Timur Bakim
Intercultural Guide:
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Video Production:
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Onur Simsek
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Kreszentia Faßbender
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Young-Jean Maeng

Co-operation Partner and Sponsors:

SKM Köln e. V.

NRW bureau OPA
Ministry FCYCS
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Sound of Culture
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Klang der Kulturen ist ein performatives Musikprojekt, welches Jugendliche einlädt musikalisch und tänzerisch bei einer Musikvideoproduktion mitzuwirken.