Regarding our philosophy CrossArts Cologne stands especially for interdisciplinary community and collective collaboration. We are convinced that everyone has the right of free artistic development and expression and we want to be the space, where projects – especially sustainable and resource-oriented ones – with these goals can be realized. Thereby important to us are the values of equality, honesty and transparency at work. On this basis any creative person can live and act out their interests and skills and find individual artistic areas of application.

CrossArts also stands for fairness at work. We experience the artistic sector or industry often as non-solidary and frustrating – artists work for insufficient pay they cannot live off and ask themselves, if they are still free and independent with their art. For us, freedom of art is the highest good, which we wish to preserve through fair compensations and equal treatment of our artists and members In context of our work, art means to us any creative work that produces a publishable result. These artworks contribute to general cultural illumination, freedom of development and expression and sustainability and appeal to people on a level of recognition.

Networks like CrossArts become more and more important by contributing to our intercultural identity. Of course, they also provide fun – which art of course is supposed to be about – and have a therapeutic and liberating effect, which in our opinion has the potential to counter the global feeling of inequality.

The collective is based on a civil-law partnership. Therefore, we represent a “colorful” collective of creative freelancers, partners and members who love and live art and fully commit to it. art is the anchor of our or work, but it also is our haven that brings us together and lets us collaborate – on a free and fair basis. The motto of our collaboration always is: “cooperation, not competition”.

Fairness at work

Freedom of art

Cooperation, not competition